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    The explosive new book from Britain’s leading investigative biographer, Tom Bower As one of the most famous and influential couples in the world, David and Victoria Beckham have attained iconic status. The ultimate power couple have together built...

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    Now in paperback, a compelling biography of Lydia Maria Child, one of nineteenth-century America’s most courageous abolitionists. By 1830, Lydia Maria Child had established herself as something almost unheard of in the American nineteenth century:...

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    Sue Barker first walked through those famous wrought-iron gates aged 13 in 1969 to play in the National Schools event. What Sue didn't know then, was that every year for the next half century, she would be back in some capacity. As a junior, aged ...

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    Paul Gregg is the mastermind behind the iconic Apollo Leisure Group, which hosted many of the world's greatest live shows, including The Lion King, Starlight Express, Fiddler on the Roof, Les Misérables, Cats and Riverdance. Despite initially bein...

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    It chronicles Barbara's early history and modeling career; her years with McQueen at Trancas Beach and Santa Paula as well as behind-the-scene photos on the sets of Tom Horn and The Hunter. This popular book now expanded with additional photograph...

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    Few people can say they have shaped the cultural landscape of the last four decades while crossing paths with some of the most extraordinary personalities on the planet. But then, of course, Dylan Jones isn't just anyone. These Foolish Things capt...

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    What does it mean to be a parent in a space where you are the minority? Meandering through a supermarket highway of camembert and baguettes, Priya Joi heard a heart-stopping confession about her daughter's identity that made her entire being implo...

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    Few images more shocked the French population during the Occupation than the photograph of Marshal Philippe Pétain - the great French hero of the First World War - shaking the hand of Hitler on 20 October 1940. In a radio speech after this meeting...

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    Yevgeny Prigozhin emerged as one of the most dangerous warlords in the world and as one of Vladimir Putin's chief rivals in Russia's tumultuous political climate, exiled after leading Wagner's attempted coup and killed in a mysterious plane crash....

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    What does it mean to start again at sixty? Nina Stibbe is surprised to find herself asking this question as she leaves married life behind in Cornwall and heads back to London after twenty years away for what she calls ‘a year-long sabbatical’. Sh...

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    The author of How Was It for You? has worked across the sex industry for twenty years: in a brothel, as an escort, in a strip club, online and as a dominatrix. In this candid memoir she reveals all: the good stuff, the bad, and the downright ugly.

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    Shaunie Henderson — wife, mother, entrepreneur, producer, and creator of the hit TV show Basketball Wives—opens up about finding love, offers advice for raising strong, smart, grounded Black children in today’s world, and reveals how to define you...

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    A memoir of homecoming – Heidi Across America is a gritty story of how opening our hearts to others enables us to open our hearts to ourselves and love what we find there. In the summer of 2010, Heidi Beierle had just finished her first year of gr...

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    Diana Mitford, the most glamorous of the Mitfords, rivetingly narrates her life populated with key characters of 20th century history. Evelyn Waugh and Oswald Mosley fell in love with her, while not only Winston Churchill but also Adolf Hitler ado...

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    How do you learn to live again when you've danced with death? Louise’s road to having a baby was far from easy, suffering a heartbreaking miscarriage during her first pregnancy and being caught in a terrifying house fire in her second. But her tro...

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    An electric, searing memoir by the original Riot Grrrl and legendary frontwoman of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre Hey girlfriend I got a proposition, goes something like this: Dare ya to do what you want. Kathleen Hanna’s rallying cry to feminists echoe...

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    A woman in a wedding dress arrives at the hospital looking for Harry Styles. A lorry driver with schizophrenia believes he’s got a cure for coronavirus. A depressed man hides his profession from his GP due to stigma. Most of the psychiatric cas...

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    There are many miles from the business school and basketball court at the University of Southern California to 50 million viewers for the final episode of a TV show called Magnum P.I. Tom Selleck has lived every one of those miles in his own icono...

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    Dr Jessica Taylor grew up on a council estate where brutality and coercion were normalised, and where substance abuse was a day-to-day occurrence. Now one of the UK's most spirited advocates for women's rights, and a leading chartered psychologist...

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    From the scene-stealing star of Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids comes a refreshingly candid, hilarious and inspiring book about an unconventional journey to Hollywood success and self-celebration. For decades, Rebel Wilson single-mindedly focused on...

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    On the morning of 12 August 2022, Salman Rushdie was standing onstage at the Chautauqua Institution in upstate New York, preparing to give a lecture on the importance of keeping writers safe from harm, when a man in black – black clothes, black ma...

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    Like most Mancunians of his age, Sacha Lord's life has been a tale of two cities. Then and now. Over the past three decades, Sacha has been in the eye of the storm of a musical and cultural revolution, from The Haçienda to The Warehouse Project.

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    A dog can be more than just a best friend. Sometimes they can be our hero. Shortly after a traumatic car accident, Kerry Irving met Max, a Springer Spaniel who completely changed his life. But Max didn’t stop there. For over ten years, he was a...

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    The definitive biography of Shane MacGowan, fully updated to include Shane's final months and the response to his passing. Punk protagonist, legendary drinker, Irish musical icon. The complete and extraordinary journey of the Pogues' notorious fro...

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