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    This book shows the history of charts and nautical maps from the earliest known examples to the one used in the Twentieth Century, with a special focus on the map makers and the methods of use from 1300 to 1900. The maps included are part of the c...

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    According to legend, the English landscape - so calm on the surface - is really the Devil's work. Cloven Country, now in paperback, tells of rocks hurled into place and valleys carved out by infernal labour. The Devil's hideous strength laid down ...

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    The great speeches since post-World War II to the present have marked eras and interpreted feelings, in a continuously evolving world, when faced with the eternal problems, like life and freedom, and also new challenges. Moving speeches with a gre...

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    Independent Africa explores Africa's political economy in the first two full decades of independence through the joint projects of nation-building, economic development, and international relations. Drawing on the political careers of four heads o...

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    Here's how the history of the Roman Empire usually goes... We kick off with Romulus murdering his brother, go on to Brutus overthrowing Tarquin, bounce through an appallingly tedious list of battles and generals and consuls, before emerging into t...

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    Did you know that Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka was the first woman in the world to become a democratically elected prime minister? That Tina Anselmi was a wartime resistance fighter who became the first woman to serve as a cabinet minister i...

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    In Rome the echoes of the past resound clearly in its palaces and monuments, and in the remains of the ancient imperial city. But another presence has dominated Rome for 2,000 years -the pope, whose actions and influence echo down the ages. In thi...

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    Raids, invasions and sieges; trench battles, naval encounters and aerial dogfights; civil wars, guerrilla wars, trade wars and nuclear wars; wars of succession, religion and independence - wars have been fought in all kinds of ways and for all kin...

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    Ancient Egypt is one of the great wellsprings of human civilization, first developing around the city of Memphis on the Nile River in the fourth millennium BCE. Egyptian life was centred on a complex system of religious rituals, with the pharaoh (...

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    A ground-breaking survey of more than 650 of the most exceptional cars ever designed, organized geographically The Atlas of Car Design is a global survey of the world's greatest car designs, featuring more than 650 of the most revered (and occasio...

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    An eye-opening story of Britain, focusing on a part of our past that has mostly been left out of the history books: Black British history. Did you know that the first Britons were Black? Or that some of the Roman soldiers who invaded and ruled Bri...

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    Covering a fascinating period of population growth, high infant mortality and deep social inequality, rapid medical advances and pseudoscientific quackery, Confinement is the untold history of pregnancy and childbirth in Victorian Britain.

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    Women in contemporary Greek society have been conventionally depicted as oppressed and socially inferior, circumscribed in behavior and segregated from the world of men. In 1967 Ernestine Friedl's classic article, "The Position of Women: Appearnce...

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    The Pax Romana has long been revered as a golden age. At its peak, the Roman Empire stretched from Scotland to Arabia, and contained perhaps a quarter of humanity. It was the wealthiest and most formidable state the world had yet seen. Beginnin...

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    When we think about history, we rarely pay much attention to the most destructive floods, the worst winters, the most devastating droughts or the ways that ecosystems have changed over time. In The Earth Transformed, Peter Frankopan, one of the wo...

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    Published: 6 Jun 2023 The Routledge Handbook of Women and Early Modern European Philosophy is an outstanding reference source for the wide range of philosophical contributions made by women writing in Europe from about 1560 to 1780. It shows the r...

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    From the great cities of Europe to the jungles of Burma, and from the deserts of North Africa to the remote islands of the South Pacific and the freezing waters of the Arctic, the Second World War touched every continent and ocean on the planet. A...

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    Published: 11 Jul 2023 An exhilarating, accessible chronicle of the ruling families of France and England, showing how two dynasties formed one extraordinary story The twelfth and thirteenth centuries were a time of personal monarchy, when the clo...

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    Published:3 Mar 2023 This book examines the theme of human-animal interactions contextualized against the idea of the Anthropocene. Focused on China and its immediate Asian borderlands, this interdisciplinary collection provides a powerful and

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    Published:3 Mar 2023 What makes for the ideal woman? How should she look, love and be? In this vibrant, high-spirited history, medievalist Eleanor Janega turns to the Middle Ages, the era that bridged the ancient world and modern society, to

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    Published:3 Mar 2023 Offers diverse range of topics to build a broad view of the role of birds in Roman life. Begins by examining birds in omens, augury, and auspices, with particular emphasis on the so-called sacred chickens consulted by magistrates

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    Published:3 Mar 2023 Scholars and laymen alike have long projected their fantasies onto the great expanse of the global North, whether it be as a frozen no-man's-land, an icy realm of marauding Vikings or an unspoiled cradle of prehistoric human

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    Jerusalem: The Story of a Song is a popular history of England's unofficial national anthem, which began life as a poem by William Blake, was set to music by Hubert Parry and is sung every year at the Last Night of the Proms.

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    This textbook introduces readers to the academic scholarship on the history of childhood and youth in sub-Saharan Africa, with a particular focus on the colonial and postcolonial eras. In a series of seven chapters, it addresses key themes in the ...

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