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    On the 25th anniversary of the Scottish Parliament, this book captures an important moment in contemporary history: how a grassroots women's movement, harking back to the suffragettes and second wave feminists of the 1970s and 1980s, took on the p...

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    Unrivalled coverage of IR theories from leading experts, including historically dominant traditions such as realism, and liberalism, to theories such as postcolonialism and green theory. Featuring a new organisation to reflect the importance and f...

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    How can you fight something if you don’t know it exists? We live under an ideology that preys on every aspect of our lives: our education and our jobs; our healthcare and our leisure; our relationships and our mental wellbeing; the planet we inhab...

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    We used to care a lot about our clothes. We didn’t have many but those we had were important to us. We’d cherish them, repair them and pass them on. And making them provided fulfilling work for millions of skilled people locally. ?Today the ave...

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    The unmissable next instalment of Tim Shipman’s #1 bestselling Brexit quartet. To follow his bestselling books All Out War and Fall Out, this book launches off from 2017 to offer an unflinching, unfiltered account of some of the most turbulent yea...

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    The MAGA movement was in retreat after Donald Trump’s defeat in 2020, but the fascist fringes have not just survived, they continue to thrive and burrow into the mainstream. The January 6 Capitol riot prosecutions have done little to curb their en...

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    This book exposes the energy crisis as an inevitable result of an industry run by and for corporate profit. Energy policy was never meant to favour sustainability or energy security – for decades, it has been shaped by corporate interests while ha...

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    The logic of the state has come to define social and spatial relations, embedding itself into our understandings of the world and our place in it. Anthony Ince and Gerónimo Barrera de la Torre challenge this logic as the central pivot around which...

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    The Routledge Handbook on Climate Change and Health System Sustainability takes the reader on a journey to understand the interconnectedness of human health, climate change, and healthcare systems.

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    The right have hijacked Englishness. Can it be reclaimed? With the UK more divided than ever, England has re-emerged as a potent force in our culture and politics. But today the dominant story told about our country serves solely the interests of ...

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    Over the course of a decade as a minister, Liz Truss sought to champion limited government and individual freedom in the face of the left-wing political agenda that frames the debate in so many institutions. Ousted by the establishment but still f...

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    Nuclear war begins with a blip on a radar screen. This is a minute-by-minute account of what comes next. It has to be read to be believed. There is only one scenario other than an asteroid strike that could end the world as we know it in a matt...

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    After more than a decade of stability or improvement, the mental health of adolescents in many countries around the world deteriorated suddenly in the early 2010s. Why have rates of depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicide risen so sharply, more...

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    Shouldn't we know what we're arguing about? From one of the most influential thinkers of our time, an enlightening, essential account of how a fear of gender is fuelling reactionary politics around the world Judith Butler, the ground-breaking phil...

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    The Treasury is one of Britain’s oldest, most powerful and most secretive institutions. It has played a central role in shaping the country's economic system, yet all too often it has escaped public scrutiny. The Treasury is often presented as a b...

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    A concise history of Paris and the great events and personalities, from prehistory to the present, that have shaped its unique cultural legacy. Once described as ‘that metropolis of dress and debauchery’ by the Scottish poet David Mallet, then as ...

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    Stefano Bartolini argues that, despite the growth of a large theoretical literature about institutions and institutionalism over the last thirty years, the specific nature of political institutions has been relatively neglected. Political institut...

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    If you are reading this, you may already be a humanist. Even if you don't know it. Do you love literature and the arts? Do you have a strong moral compass despite not being formally religious? Do you simply believe that individual lives are mor...

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    Based on four years of reporting; extensive travels with President Zelensky to the front; and dozens of interviews with him, his wife, his friends and enemies, his advisers, ministers and military commanders, The Showman tells an intimate and eye-...

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    The explosive new book from longtime royal journalist Omid Scobie and author of the international blockbuster Finding Freedom, Endgame a penetrating investigation into the current state of the British monarchy. An unpopular king, a power-hungry he...

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    Is it possible for individuals to tackle waste by recycling, reusing and reducing alone? This provocative book critically analyses the widespread assumption that individuals and households have created our global waste crisis. Sociologist and wast...

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    Moves beyond descriptions of new forms of manipulation, deception and propaganda to engage with the discourses and political implications of fake news and post-truth for how we understand democracy. Offers a much needed critical and political phil...

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    Provides novel analysis of the role of logos in politics. Evaluates a wide data set of visual artefacts. Delivers a methodological map, divided by qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods, providing an overview of how to study logos and visual ...

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    Over the past decade, the UK has experienced major policy and policy making change. This text examines this shifting political and policy landscape while also highlighting the features of UK politics that have endured.

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