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    Government Accountability Sources and Materials: Australian Administrative Law is designed to accompany the third edition of the textbook Government Accountability: Australian Administrative Law. Following the accessible structure of Government Ac...

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    Working with the power of crystals is all about intention, and crystals can change your life. Anyone can benefit from inviting crystals into their lives, and this accessible and friendly book will help you channel the energies of each crystal, whe...

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    How can you carry out discourse analysis using corpus linguistics? What research questions should I ask? Which methods should you use and when? What is a collocational network or a key cluster? Introducing the major techniques, methods and tools f...

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    Steve Backshall was nine years old the first time he saw a shark, while on holiday with his family in Malaysia. It was the beginning of a life-long fascination with these 'lords of the sea', and the oceanic life around them. His career as one of t...

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    Are you feeling disconnected? Trying to get through a break-up? At a crossroads in life? Join founder of Rising Woman, Sheleana Aiyana, on a healing path to self-acceptance with the Becoming the One Journal.

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    An indispensable resource for morphologists and other linguists alike, written and edited by esteemed scholars in the field The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Morphology is an authoritative, state-of-the-art overview the data that have been central ...

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    The Meaning of Geese is a book of thrilling encounters with wildlife, of tired legs, punctured tyres and inhospitable weather. Above all, it is the story of Nick Acheson's love for the land in which he was born and raised, and for the wild geese t...

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    EKG Core Curriculum is a basic, easy-to-understand introduction to interpreting EKGs. Written by a physician who is experienced in teaching EKG classes to students and residents, the book begins with basic concepts and progresses to more advanced ...

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    With its consistent, practical organization and succinct bulleted format, Atlas of Head and Neck Pathology, 4th Edition, is an ideal resource for pathologists in training and in practice. High-quality illustrations with extensive figure legends de...

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    By 2050, it is expected that over nearly half the U.S. population will have darker skin tones or skin of color, yet physicians are still being trained to diagnose skin conditions based on white skin. Unfortunately, dermatologists, medical students...

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    Washington Post humour columnist Alexandra Petri is perhaps America's most beloved political satirist. Her new, side-splitting work of historical humour uses imagined documents to create a laugh-out-loud, irreverent takedown of our nation's compli...

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    As old white men continue to dominate the national and international stages, the needs of women and minorities are constantly ignored. International politics are shaped by a ruthless competition for advantage, and the world is full of conflicts, c...

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    Recognising veiled allusions to the Old Testament in the four Gospels has long contributed to our understanding of the Gospels message. Nicholas Lunn takes the investigation of allusion a significant step further in The Gospels Through Old Testame...

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    From The Inside is a thorough revised and expanded re-working of Hayward's previous books, Tin Pan Alley: The Rise of Elton John and From Tin Pan Alley to the Yellow Brick Road. From The Inside is not just an ordinary biography. It is effectively ...

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    This delightful visual book provides an accessible introduction to how play affects the holistic development and brain growth of children from birth to five years. Written by a leading expert, it brings current theory to life by inviting the reade...

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    Social media is replete with images of 'perfection'. But many are unrealistic and contribute to a pervasive sense of never being good enough: not thin enough; not pretty enough; not cool enough. Try too hard and you risk being condemned for being ...

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    The first English translation of an Italian poet known for his uncompromising integrity and strong leftist sympathy for the working man. Born in a sub-proletarian ghetto in Italy in 1930 under the fascist regime, Luigi Di Ruscio was an urchin runn...

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    Presents medical humanities in a proactive role as a therapeutic medium to reveal, and restore, medicine's intrinsic qualities. Draws attention to the ailing condition of contemporary biomedicine. Explores the idea of "critical" from the perspecti...

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    Success factors and tools for all project phases* Includes application examples for various subject areas* Introduces many aspects of Data Science, from requirements analysis to data acquisition and visualization

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    Today's fourth generation of mobile connectivity services (4G) are available everywhere, and adoption of fifth generation (5G) networks is well underway. Compared to 4G, 5G has already brought about new business opportunities and enabled seamless ...

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