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    Filled with essential advice and highlighting pitfalls to avoid, Acting Professionally gives a clear understanding of how acting careers are built and sustained. Now in its 9th edition, this book has become the leading book in the field since the ...

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    Comprehensive and authoritative, yet student-friendly, Clarkson/Miller's BUSINESS LAW: TEXT AND CASES, 16th Edition, blends classic "black letter" law with cutting-edge coverage of contemporary issues and cases. This market-leading book offers a s...

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    We are Isobel, Jen and Zelda. Our stories aren't set it in a dystopian future or past. This novel might be fiction but it's not fantasy. What we've lived through is real, and it's happening now.

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    Techniques in Small Animal Wound Management focuses on surgical and non-surgical management techniques for the wide variety of wounds that clinicians in any stage of training or clinical practice treat in veterinary medicine. A comprehensive but a...

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    When Patrick’s older brother dies at twenty-six, all he wants is to retreat. So, he does. He quits his job and seeks refuge in the most beautiful place he can think of: New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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    Have you been working as an actor, but want to refine your craft and take your performance to the next level? Or do you want to transition from stage to screen acting and would like to better understand the skills required? In this essential book ...

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    Intimate partner violence leaves long-term effects. Survivors often struggle with issues of safety, self-esteem, and trusting their own ability to make healthy decisions and enter future relationships. This revolutionary treatment method uses art ...

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    Come on a trip around London town with this colourful search and find book! There Are 101 Things to Find in London is sure to keep tiny tourists entertained, with over 101 things to spot. From a double-decker bus to marching guards at Buckingham P...

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    With approximately 50 million people across the globe considered expatriates (persons living and working abroad for a limited time), global mobility is an important issue for individuals, organisations, and national governments, and a major resear...

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    A concise history of Paris and the great events and personalities, from prehistory to the present, that have shaped its unique cultural legacy. Once described as ‘that metropolis of dress and debauchery’ by the Scottish poet David Mallet, then as ...

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    Stefano Bartolini argues that, despite the growth of a large theoretical literature about institutions and institutionalism over the last thirty years, the specific nature of political institutions has been relatively neglected. Political institut...

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    After losing her sister to an overdose, Chief Superintendent Jo Howe is desperate to tackle the world of drugs that consumes the shadowy backstreets of Brighton. Operation Eradicate is her response but not everyone sees it as a positive developmen...

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    This volume presents for the first time a curated selection of essays written over the last 30 years by leading design thinker and educator, Tevfik Balcioglu. With a focus on Turkish and British design, his writing examines questions of national a...

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    Art Therapy Directives: An Intervention Toolbox is an all-inclusive manual of art therapy directives designed to be a comprehensive and organized resource for art therapists and other trained mental health professionals. Art therapy directives are...

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    If you are reading this, you may already be a humanist. Even if you don't know it. Do you love literature and the arts? Do you have a strong moral compass despite not being formally religious? Do you simply believe that individual lives are mor...

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    Soul Feast is a companion anthology to Soul Food, offering up a further feast of thoughtful poems to stir the mind and feed the spirit, bringing hope and light in dark, uncertain times. This book's inspiration Soul Food achieved its wide popularit...

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    Simon Armitage, Poet Laureate, brings new perspectives and energy to a timeless poetic subject. Blossomise celebrates the ecstatic arrival of spring blossom just as it acknowledges, too, its melancholy disappearance. Full of spirited leaps of imag...

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    A new title featuring Pascaline, the delightful creation of award-winning picture book maker Beatrice Alemagna, and star of Never, Not Ever! Pascaline the little pink bat loves to go shopping! There are so many amazing things for sale, if only her...

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    Discover the story of Little Women with this exquisite edition from Union Square & Co.’s Signature Gilded Editions series! The stunning Little Women special edition features sprayed edges, colour end pages, a built-in ribbon bookmark, and embossed...

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    Windows are moments in modern architecture where we look to ascertain elegance, technical expression and material language or to capture a certain atmosphere. A window opening is as much an interval and an opportunity as it is a device for admitti...

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