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    For readers of The Wolf Den and Kaikeyi comes the thrilling tale of the forgotten daughter of a legendary Egyptian pharaoh and the path she must take to escape her own dangerous fate. There are many paths to power. They all come with a price.

    SKU: 22939
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    Fast-paced and sizzling with a forbidden enemies-to-lovers romance, Our Fault is the final book in Mercedes Ron's Culpable trilogy. This suspenseful YA series untangles the threads of love, trauma, and secrets, perfect for fans of Ugly Love and Af...

    SKU: 22938
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    In the tempestuous summer of 2005, a local veterinarian becomes enraptured by a 14-year-old farmer's daughter - his 'favourite' - as he tends her father's cows. This deeply troubled soul is our narrator: a man who believes he offers the object of ...

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    Abducted by spirits from his village, lost boy Akira must make the long journey in north Japan to find his family and save his young sister, before time runs out. Voyaging deeper and deeper into a Japan between the worlds, Akira and his companions...

    SKU: 22936
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    Maggie Blue is adjusting to a quieter life, back living with her aunt Esme and hanging out with friends Ida and Will as well as her beloved Hoagy the cat. She tries to forget about the events of the previous year - but she's being watched, and one...

    SKU: 22935
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    A detailed, step-by-step guide to successfully altering and repairing ready-made apparel that will help you achieve the perfect fit and extend the life of your clothing. Whether you are interested in tailoring your wardrobe, starting a business, o...

    SKU: 22813
    £ 15.50 £ 17.20 (RRP: £ 20.00 )You Save 23% on RRP

    Imagine a world without sight. Is it dark and gloomy? Is it terrifying and isolating? Or is it simply a state of not seeing, which we have demonised and sentimentalized over the centuries? And why is blindness so frightening? In this fascinating h...

    SKU: 22811
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    Specialist scientific fields are developing at incredibly swift speeds, but what can they really tell us about how the universe began and how humans evolved to play such a dominant role on Earth? John Hands's extraordinarily ambitious quest brings...

    SKU: 22810
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    BOB DYLAN: MIXING UP THE MEDICINE is an unprecedented glimpse into the creative life of one of America's most groundbreaking, influential and enduring artists. 'If there is anything new to be discovered about Bob Dylan, you can probably find it in...

    SKU: 22724
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    Get your pedals turning with this ultimate guide to the 100 greatest bike routes around the world. Beautifully illustrated with National Geographic photography and divided by region, 100 Bike Rides of a Lifetime takes you across six continents to ...

    SKU: 22722
    £ 45.00 £ 50.00 (RRP: £ 60.00 )You Save 25% on RRP

    The first and only comprehensive overview of Givenchy's collections, presented through catwalk photography and published in collaboration with the celebrated fashion house. Founded by the dashing Hubert de Givenchy in 1952, the house would go on t...

    SKU: 22721
    £ 15.00 (RRP: £ 20.00 )You Save 25% on RRP

    The comic companion to the BBC sitcom GHOSTS, perfect for all the family. Everybody leaves a trace. The ghosts of Button House may have been dead a long time - some of them a very long time - but they have all left their mark on the world (even if...

    SKU: 22672
    £ 11.00 £ 12.00 (RRP: £ 14.99 )You Save 27% on RRP

    From the author of the beautiful Fourteen Wolves comes another incredible true story of rewilding. Perfect for children aged 7+Magnificent, powerful and mysterious, the tiger is one of the world's most iconic animals. It is also one of most endang...

    SKU: SKU21974
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    Stitch a kinder world with this stunning collection of heartfelt designs from leading cross stitch designer Emma Congdon. Whether it's a declaration to a soulmate, gratitude for a true friendship or compassion for the whole of humanity, this celeb...

    SKU: 20877
    £ 7.60 £ 8.80 (RRP: £ 9.99 )You Save 24% on RRP

    The award-winning author of Station Eleven returns with a story of time travel that precisely captures the reality of our current moment . . . In 1912, eighteen-year-old Edwin St. Andrew crosses the Atlantic, exiled from English polite society.

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