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    This isn't a parenting book. This isn't a guide to being a perfect parent (spoiler: they don't exist)This is a book about you. We can only anchor, nurture, nourish and instil confidence in our children when we extend the same support to ourselves.

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    On 21 November 1915, Sir Ernest Shackleton's ship, Endurance, finally succumbed to the crushing ice. Its crew watched in silence as the stern rose twenty feet in the air and then, it was gone. The miraculous escape and survival of all twenty-ei...

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    Enter a lush world inspired by the history and mythology of South America, where twisted family politics deceive, dark magics thrive, and fantastical creatures roam. Reina is desperate. Stuck on the edges of society, Reina's only hope lies in an i...

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    The beautiful new 'Whittaker Journal' from content creator and youtuber, Carys Whittaker. Plan your days, weeks and months, and reflect on thoughts and feelings whenever you need to with this beautiful journal. From reflecting on thoughts and feel...

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    The extraordinary turmoil we have seen in British politics in the last few years has set records. We have had the fastest turnover of ministers in our history and more MPs suspended from the House than ever. Rules have been flouted repeatedly, som...

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    There are two sides to every story. Husband and wife Archie and Francine Hughes are heroes in their hometown of Philadelphia. Archie is a football star, while Francine is a Grammy-winning singer. So everyone is in a state of shock when news bre...

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    This is a story about Peter Duke who went on to be a famous actor. This is a story about falling in love with Peter Duke who wasn't famous at all. It's about falling so wildly in love with him - the way one will at twenty-four - that it felt like ...

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    From the bestselling author of The House in the Cerulean Sea and Under the Whispering Door, Wolfsong is a story of love, loyalty, and family. Ox Matheson was twelve when his father taught him a lesson: Ox wasn't worth anything and people would nev...

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    Mink doesn't believe in rules. She loves running wild and free. So, when a zebra appears in the square where she lives and she finds out that his parents have been captured by the evil Mr Spit, she knows that it's up to her to help.

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    After the triumph at the Euros, it's now time for the big one! Packed to the brim with fun football trivia, quizzes, games, puzzles, top 10s, cartoons and more, this special Women's World Cup annual is the only book fans of the beautiful game will...

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    A beautiful, full colour book to accompany the 5 part BBC TV series telling the most important story of all, the deep history of our own planet. With the trademark dramatic storytelling techniques of The Planets and The Universe, Andrew Cohen and ...

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    To hell with love, this goddess has other plans... Thousands of years ago, the gods told a lie: how Persephone was a pawn in the politics of other gods. How Hades kidnapped Persephone to be his bride. How her mother, Demeter, was so distraught ...

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    From celebrated children's author Cerrie Burnell comes a new, wonderfully inclusive, magical tale set in the whimsical world of Wilder than Midnight. Long ago, on a winter's eve, two sisters walked into a wolf-wild wood but only one returned ...

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    A dark spirit haunts an isolated Norfolk retreat in this unsettling and sinister historical horror set in the early 1900s, perfect for readers of Michelle Paver, Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Andrew Michael Hurley. Norfolk, 1917. Unable to join the arm...

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    £ 8.80 (RRP: £ 9.99 )You Save 12% on RRP

    Two stepsisters encounter the gods and giants of Norse mythology, as they face their intertwining destinies and an ominous prophecy in this powerful novel from the acclaimed author of The Witch's Heart. Oddny and Gunnhild meet as children, and the...

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    Rupert promised he was going to come back. All Florence had to do was wait. Cornwall, 1944 When Rupert Dash is declared missing, presumed dead during the Battle of Arnhem, his wife, Florence, is devastated. She can't accept that he has gone from h...

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    At the time of his death in 2015, award-winning and bestselling author Sir Terry Pratchett was working on his finest story yet - his own. The creator of the phenomenally bestselling Discworld series, Terry Pratchett was known and loved around the ...

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    This adorable tale from internationally acclaimed picture book creator Richard Jones encourages readers to explore their emotions and free their imaginations as they are invited into Little Cat's world...

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    A charming lift-the-flap story from the bestselling, record-breaking partnership of Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb. One little boy is very excited when he receives an invitation to go and play at his friend Dan's house. But there's just one prob...

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    Dare you enter the world of MONSTERS? The beloved World's Worst series has captivated millions of readers. You've met the world's worst children, the world's worst parents, the world's worst teachers and the world's worst pets - but are you ready ...

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    A beautifully illustrated collection of profiles of more than 80 goddesses and other powerful women retold for children aged 7-9. Delve into a world of key female figures from all over the world in this thrilling compendium of goddesses and heroin...

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    Detective Michael Bennett must discover who's murdering glamorous young women - before his eldest daughter is targeted. Detective Michael Bennett and the NYPD are aboard a police boat in the Hudson River searching for a murder victim - a young col...

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    A bustling, vibrant tour of flavour-packed Syrian dishes 90 sensational recipes celebrating the flavours of Syria, that can easily be made in the comfort of your own home This is the first cookbook from Imad Al Arnab, a renowned chef from Damascus...

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    They called for a break, and Gambon magicked up a cigarette from out of his beard. He and I were often to be found outside the stage that housed the Astronomy Tower, having 'a breath of fresh air' as we referred to it. There would be painters and ...

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