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    Published:5 May 2023 This book offers a solution-focused and strengths-based guide to becoming an effective Prison Officer. Written and developed by a collection of ex-prisoners who are all now professionals, practitioners, and educators in the cr...

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    Filled with help on making working from home work for you, including setting up your workspace, working as part of a virtual team, managing professional relationships, and dealing with feelings of isolation. The pandemic and the resulting lockdown...

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    The Good Enough Job reminds us that the biggest goal of all is to live a life we are happy with, and in which work is but one of the multitude of facets that make us who we are. An antidote to the toxic #hustle movement convincing us all we need t...

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    From supply chain management to entrepreneurship and social responsibility, The 30 Day MBA in International Business provides a comprehensive insight into this fascinating sector. It is difficult to understand the complexities and nuances of inter...

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    Too many of us work through burnout and sacrifice our work-life balance to get ahead in our careers. But the real path to success and happiness begins with you. Rather than just accepting the fatigue and burnout, renowned mental health expert Petr...

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    Improve the way you work-and feel-by forming better habits. We all have habits. Some of them we've carefully established; others we may have simply fallen into. Some help us get our work done; others hold us back. This book explores how to change ...

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    Published:3 Mar 2023 Whether you're an aspiring manager, in middle management or a global executive, gain the skills, insights and confidence you need to become a world-class manager. Over 77% of organizations believe that effective leadership

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    Published:7 Feb 2023 Here's the truth: if you're a woman, a person of colour, an immigrant or queer, there's often dissonance between how you speak and how we think powerful people sound, i.e. the wealthy white men who have historically set the

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    Turn meetings into the best part of your day with this actionable, step-by-step guide Brainstorming meetings. Team meetings. Stakeholder meetings. Zoom meetings. Hybrid meetings. Most of us are part of more meetings than we can even count. And

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    Mentors and sponsors are essential to career success, but these close relationships are not always free from trouble. This book shares advice and practical examples on how to survive and thrive throughout your career by differentiating between goo...

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    Do you want to get to 'yes'? Every day we are faced with moments where we either win or lose. The question is: How persuasive are you? Could you be winning more of the time? In How to Persuade, best-selling author Michelle Bowden shows you the res...

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    Carla Harris is one of the world's most senior Black women in global finance. Highly successful and respected, in her first book Expect to Win she shares advice, tips, and strategies for surviving in any workplace environment. While climbing the c...

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    At a time when half of Black households in the UK live in persistent poverty - over twice as many as their white counterparts - We Don't Need Permission argues that investing in Black and under-represented entrepreneurs in order to create successful

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    Creativity directly impacts results and productivity, yet few of us understand how it happens or how to put it into practice. This book shows you not only how to get things done, but how to do them better and more creatively. The Creative Thinking...

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    An inspirational exploration of why women are under-represented in tech, why it matters, and what we can do about it. Perfect for readers of Invisible Women. The tech world might feel beyond reach, particularly if you're a woman. With increasingly

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    Build The Damn Thing is a battle-tested guide for every entrepreneur who the establishment has excluded. Finney, an investor and startup champion, explains how to build a business from the ground up; from developing a business plan to finding inve...

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    Learn how to navigate the bullies, manipulators and complainers who drive you mad. With example dialogue and techniques, it will help you navigate tricky situations situations and keep your cool. By understanding the motives and individual behaviours

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    Non-office based work is here to stay, but everyone experiences it differently. Find out how to make working at home and remote work, work for you. How to Work Remotely will help anyone adapt to home, remote and hybrid working. Suitable for homewo...

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    Bestselling author Michael Armstrong provides valuable insight into the skills required to be an effective manager, helping you get the best from your staff through motivation, reward and leadership. This fully updated 5th edition now features eve...

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    This indispensable guide from leadership guru John Adair, will boost your confidence levels, inspire you and help you on your journey to becoming a leader of excellence. Acknowledged as a world expert, John Adair offers stimulating insights into r...

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    Learn how to take risks, thrive and build your dream career. 'Sukhinder is one of Silicon Valley's most well-respected leaders. Her unique style of authenticity, optimism and hustle will help anyone unlock their career potential' - Eric Schmidt, f...

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    A timely resource for Black professionals on how to rise to the top of their organizations or industries and, just as importantly, to stay there. Black Faces in High Places is the essential guide for Black professionals who are moving up through t...

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    The ultimate guide to marketing yourself in a CV or resume, and ensuring you make a professional impression in any job search. The job market has never been more competitive, and marketing yourself can be tricky. And nothing raises a red flag for an

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    Everything you need for strengthening and flexing your resilience muscle! Resilience can mean something different to everyone, yet it is increasingly necessary to survive in the modern workspace, whether that is at home, in an office or other plac...

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