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    Coaching for Wellbeing is the ultimate guide to the theory and practice of coaching for wellbeing. This book provides readers with clear explanations of wellbeing theory and a practical framework for coaches to use as they support improvements of ...

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    The second edition of the bestselling The Student Paramedic Survival Guide 2e gives vital information and advice to help you succeed in your education and become a registered paramedic. The book prepares you to make the transition into your first ...

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    For employees, managing politics is a core skill. For coaches and mentors, there is the constant dilemma of how to help a client thrive in a political environment while remaining authentic. Coaching, Mentoring and Organisational Politics draws on ...

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    This best-selling book, now in its fifth edition, is a step-by-step guide to doing a literature review for students in all areas of health and social care. It is essential reading for all those doing their undergraduate dissertation or any study t...

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    Health Psychology is essential reading for all students and researchers of health psychology. Organized into four sections, the 7th edition is structured with a clear emphasis on theory and evidence throughout. With renewed focus on thinking criti...

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    In the last twenty years the evidence-base for how to provide person-centred care for people with dementia has grown significantly. Despite this until recently there has been little evidence as to how to provide training and education for the deme...

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    A Student's Guide to Open Science explores the so-called "replication crisis" in psychology (the inherent difficulties in replicating or reproducing research results to test the robustness of findings) while delving into the ways that open science...

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    The concept of constructive alignment has supported generations of students and teachers within higher education. It is a 'backward design' method of teaching where the student outcomes are identified first and the teacher then designs teaching ac...

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    A Student's Guide to Online Learning teaches you how to develop those skills through a range of advice, examples and practical exercises whether you are undertaking distance, wholly online or blended learning. Many students experience difficulties...

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    How to Get a PhD 7e provides a practical and realistic approach for all students who are embarking on a PhD. In addition, supervisors will find invaluable tips on their role in the process, good supervisory practices and how to support students to...

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    How can professional development in schools be designed to meet the specific needs of every individual? What approach to teacher improvement has been proven to have more impact than traditional training models? Which form of professional learning has

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    Purposeful classroom talk, or oracy, is increasingly recognised as fundamental for supporting both personal and academic development and for enhancing genuine participation in learning. Based on classroom observations and interviews, this book offers

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    As students in the health and social care professions, you will spend up to half of your time out on placement. This accessible and practical book walks with you step-by-step through this invaluable learning experience, helping you to develop and ...

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    Fully revised and updated, Social Research: Issues, Methods and Process 5th edition bridges the gap between theory and methods in social research and clearly illuminates these essential components for understanding the dynamics of social relations...

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    As technology becomes more widespread and the world continues to change in many other ways, teachers have adapted to allow education to evolve with the 21st century. This book provides theoretical foundations and highly practical strategies for cl...

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    How to Make the Most of your Psychology Degree does exactly what it says on the tin. From choosing your modules to thinking about your squiggly career path, this book equips psychology students with the skills necessary to make the most of their d...

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    An Introduction to Mental Health for Paramedic Science explores how mental health problems impact on the individual in the context of emergency medicine, covering the critical areas that students and practitioners need to know, such as: *The key c...

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    This new and updated edition of Characteristics of Effective Early Learning focuses on how children learn which is just as important as what they learn. The book helps practitioners understand their key role in supporting children's self-regulatio...

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    Introducing Qualitative Research in Psychology is a vital resource for students new to qualitative psychology. It explains when each qualitative research method should be used, the procedures and techniques involved, and any limitations associated...

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    Teams are a crucial part of working life, and they can also be a source of challenges, frustrations and opportunities. This industry first book explores the breadth of approaches available throughout a team coaching engagement narrated through cas...

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    The new edition of this indispensable book provides insights into the role of supervision and a fresh perspective on the fundamentals of the discipline. Coaching supervision is now widely recognised as essential to effective coaching and professional

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    The new edition of this key text offers an accessible guide to clinical governance across a range of healthcare settings. Designed to help students, practitioners, and professionals deliver quality care to patients and to improve overall patient e...

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    The Good Research Guide provides practical and straightforward guidance for those who need to conduct small-scale research projects as part of their undergraduate, postgraduate or professional studies. The 7th edition covers topics in a clear, use...

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    Extensively updated, this popular and accessibly written textbook outlines the latest research and therapeutic approaches within clinical psychology, alongside important developments in clinical practice. The book introduces and evaluates the conc...

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