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    An essential work on teams-now updated with new research and tools and a new preface-X-Teams shows how an externally focused team model is the key to fueling innovation and your organization's success. You build a team around top-notch talent. The...

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    Provides a comprehensive overview of the key themes surrounding luxury brand management and the core issues faced by luxury firms today. Each chapter is illustrated by well-recognized contemporary cases and examples to demonstrate how the theory t...

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    Staying the Distance showcases the much-needed leadership lessons that sport can teach us: how to improve, perform and achieve, in ways that are effective and sustainable. Leadership can be hard. It can certainly be relentless. The pandemic has wr...

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    A crisis can happen at any time, to any person or organization. You could lose your job or your partner. A company could lose its market or simply lose its way. And as recent times has demonstrated, the world as we knew it can be lost too. This is...

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    Good leadership is something every leader and organization should strive towards. This book serves as a pivotal resource in encouraging the understanding and practice of leadership and highlights how good leadership is anchored in the rich philoso...

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    This introductory textbook explores key issues and recent discussions within the field of corporate sustainability and social responsibility, through theoretical and practical perspectives. Written by an international team of experts, the chapters...

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    Mapped to CIPD learning outcomes, Employment Relations: Fairness and Trust in the Workplace (second edition) critically reflects on current research, commentary, evidence and practice in the employment relationship field with an international appr...

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    Web3 may be the next big disrupter in business. Don't be caught unprepared. Blockchain and crypto aren't just for speculators anymore-they're the backbone of the rising decentralized internet. Web3 has the potential to rewrite the past decade's ru...

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    The compelling new book by Richard Shotton, author of The Choice Factory. Every day, people make hundreds of choices. Many of these are commercial: What shampoo to pick? How much to spend on a bottle of wine? Whether to renew a subscription? These...

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    In early March 2020, with the Dow Jones flirting with 30,000, the world's biggest companies were riding an eleven-year economic high. By the end of the month, millions would be out of work, iconic firms were begging for bailouts, and countless sma...

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    Published:5 May 2023 This book offers a solution-focused and strengths-based guide to becoming an effective Prison Officer. Written and developed by a collection of ex-prisoners who are all now professionals, practitioners, and educators in the cr...

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    Management and Organisational Behaviour, 13th edition, by Mullins and Rees, provides an in-depth study guide that helps you understand the relationship between people and professional organisations, shedding new light on the understanding, predict...

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    Filled with help on making working from home work for you, including setting up your workspace, working as part of a virtual team, managing professional relationships, and dealing with feelings of isolation. The pandemic and the resulting lockdown...

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    The Good Enough Job reminds us that the biggest goal of all is to live a life we are happy with, and in which work is but one of the multitude of facets that make us who we are. An antidote to the toxic #hustle movement convincing us all we need t...

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    From supply chain management to entrepreneurship and social responsibility, The 30 Day MBA in International Business provides a comprehensive insight into this fascinating sector. It is difficult to understand the complexities and nuances of inter...

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    Too many of us work through burnout and sacrifice our work-life balance to get ahead in our careers. But the real path to success and happiness begins with you. Rather than just accepting the fatigue and burnout, renowned mental health expert Petr...

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    Improve the way you work-and feel-by forming better habits. We all have habits. Some of them we've carefully established; others we may have simply fallen into. Some help us get our work done; others hold us back. This book explores how to change ...

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    Published:3 Mar 2023 How can business leaders and organization development professionals enable their companies to succeed in a digital age? Use the second edition of Agile Transformation to improve business performance. Packed full of practical

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    Published:3 Mar 2023 Learn how to create effective digital marketing campaigns, analyze competitor behaviour and conduct digital marketing in a responsible and accountable way with this real-life focussed and streamlined textbook. Digital Marketing

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    This book provides a powerful insight into strategic portfolio management and its central role in the delivery of organisational strategy, maximisation of value creation, and efficient allocation of resources and capabilities to achieve organisati...

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    Condensed, easy-to-read new edition of the bestseller book. Describes the origins of ethical failure, exploring what recent research emerging from the field of experimental economics tells us about human nature. The author is highly regarded as a ...

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    This book examines how safety failings during the use of any designed product or system-be it a car, a building, or a chemical plant-can be mitigated through effective understanding of the conditions and controls surrounding its use. Drawing on hi...

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    Armstrong's Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice is the definitive resource for HRM students and professionals, helping readers understand and implement HR to align with business needs. This book provides detailed coverage of all areas e...

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    Wherever they are in their career, this guide will give professionals a comprehensive understanding of the basic building blocks of effective leadership and management. For all professionals, knowledge of the key elements of high-quality leadershi...

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