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    This book aims to serve as a playbook and a guide for the creation of a safer healthcare system in the contemporary healthcare ecosystem. It meets this goal through examinations of clinical case studies that illustrate core principles of patient s...

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    Completely portable, this pocket-sized collection of full-color, spiral-bound cards uses humor, cartoons, and mnemonics to help you understand and retain important information about fluids and electrolytes. This fun, colorful, and insightful appro...

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    Palliative and end of life care are an essential component of nursing practice. This book provides students with the key information they need to deliver effective and safe end of life care for patients and their families. Crucially, it also creat...

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    Drawing on the extensive clinical and teaching experience of its respected author team, the fifth edition of Imaging for Students gives students and junior doctors everything they need to understand the advantages, disadvantages, and possible side...

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    This practical book equips you with the digital capabilities you need for your nursing studies and career. Whether you are a digital native or less confident with technology, the book develops your ability to harness digital tools and opportunitie...

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    Promoting health and preventing ill health form a central part of nursing study and a daily part of your future role as a nurse. In straightforward language, this book introduces the theory and concepts of health promotion and how to incorporate t...

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    Written in a friendly and uplifting tone, Becoming a Midwife provides students and newly-qualified midwives with the tools and support they need to thrive on their course, on placement and in the early stages of their careers. The first part of th...

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    1. Self-assessment activities are embedded in each chapter to allow for self-reflection on chapter content and self-assessment of knowledge and skills developed. 2." Voices from the Field" features are provided in every chapter to allows readers t...

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    This is the first book in 30 years to focus specifically on Global Aphasia. it provides: an overview of current evidence base for speech and language therapy in global aphasia. * assessment and therapy ideas specifically tailored to this populatio...

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    Filling the need for a clinically relevant, concise, and affordable infectious disease exam preparation tool, A Case-Based Review of Infectious Disease offers a practical, proven approach to increasing your understanding and knowledge of this crit...

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    Basic Science in Obstetrics and Gynaecology is an essential one-stop, portable revision tool for candidates preparing for Part 1 of the MRCOG specialist examination. Fully updated by experts who are internationally recognised in their fields, the ...

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    Published:5 Apr 2023 A concise, practical handbook for the assessment lab and the clinical setting, the Jarvis Pocket Companion for Physical Examination & Health Assessment, 9th Edition makes it fast and easy to review essential assessment skills ...

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    Published:5 May 2023 Answers the questions medical students and junior doctors are often reluctant to voice Addresses the 'hidden curriculum' within medical training with positivity, thoughtful reflection and practical suggestions for change. Look...

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    Published:5 May 2023 This important book explores how community-based interventions can bridge the gap between health services and the voluntary sector to create more sustainable, healthy communities. Moving beyond a technologically driven, medica...

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    Published:5 May 2023 The Anatomical Basis of Dentistry, 5th Edition fulfills the need for a textbook of gross anatomy written specifically for the dental profession. It features core anatomy of the entire body and in-depth chapters dealing with th...

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    Thorough, up to date, and unique in the field, Comprehensive Textbook of Eyelid Disorders and Diseases, by Drs. Jonathan J. Dutton, Hatem A.Tawfik, and Alan D. Proia, offers a complete up-to-date review of the most common eyelid disorders. In 147 ...

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    Key Features: 1. Builds on its strength of having excellent content on long-term management of hyperglycemia by including pancreas and islet transplantation. 2. Contains invaluable information on glucose monitoring for healthcare professionals int...

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    Real-life cases for success on the neurology clerkship and shelf-exam - Case Files (R): Neurology presents 50+ real-life cases that illustrate essential concepts in neurology. Each case includes a complete discussion, clinical pearls, references, ...

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    Radiotherapy remains a major non-surgical treatment modality for malignant disease, and an understanding of how this treatment works is essential in ensuring optimum practice. Trainees in oncology learn about ionising radiation, but to understand it

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    The second edition of the leading introduction to blood science, with updated new illustrations and case studies Blood Science: Principles and Pathology integrates hematology and blood transfusion, clinical biochemistry, and immunology to provide ...

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    Concise, thorough, and easy to use, Handbook of Nephrology and Hypertension 7th Edition, provides authoritative guidance on diagnosing and treating patients with a wide range of kidney disorders and hypertension, including coverage of dialysis and...

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    Offering a global, multidisciplinary perspective on this life-threatening medical emergency, The Sepsis Codex provides a concise yet comprehensive look at a complex topic. Nearly 20% of global deaths are attributed to sepsis annually, nearly half of

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    Designed to enhance the learning experience for both practicing otolaryngologists and otolaryngology residents, Bailey's Head & Neck Surgery-Otolaryngology, 6th Edition, delivers concise, practical information in all areas of this complex field. Dr.

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    A must-have reference for both beginning and experienced endosonographers, Endosonography, 5th Edition, coves the full spectrum of endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) in a single, convenient resource. Concise, easy-to-navigate chapters keep you abreast of...

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