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    Breaking news: scandal on the Cote d'Azur! Florist Jules would do anything to ensure her best friend Alden's happiness. Agreeing to be the actor's faux fiancee-all summer!-will help land him his dream role. But is it a step too far? Jules is deter...

    SKU: 22464
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    It's been twenty-five years since the shocking disappearance of a female student and the distinguished Creative Writing professor who died while searching for her. The Briarwood College community has never forgotten the double tragedy. Now, the co...

    SKU: 22463
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    Ari, a free-spirited struggling comedian, likes to keep things casual, and never sleeps over after hooking up. Josh, born-and-bred Manhattanite, has ambitious plans to take the culinary world by storm, to find The One and live happily-ever-after.

    SKU: 22462
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    Swimming for Beginners will show you how a child can open your heart even if you aren't a mother. Loretta has her life under control. She's chasing a big promotion, she's marrying the "perfect man" and she has a flawless five-year plan.

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    North-east India, 1945. Tensions are rising, but fourteen-year-old Joya doesn't pay much attention to 'political business' - she is more concerned with doing well at school and having fun with her best friends. Yet when her father disappears witho...

    SKU: 22460
    £ 8.80 (RRP: £ 9.99 )You Save 12% on RRP

    The startlingly powerful psychological thriller by international bestselling author Sebastian Fitzek. Twelve-year-old Josy has an inexplicable illness. One day she goes to her doctor's surgery and disappears without trace. Josy's father Viktor ...

    SKU: 22459
    £ 7.80 (RRP: £ 8.99 )You Save 14% on RRP

    They're locked up for your safety. Now, you're locked in with them. Dr Connie Woolwine has five days to catch a killer. On a locked ward in the world's highest-security prison hospital, a scream shatters the night.

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    £ 7.80 (RRP: £ 8.99 )You Save 14% on RRP

    From India to America, a woman's search for family, home, and self becomes a journey of secrets and forgiveness in a powerful novel by the author of No Ordinary Thursday. At twenty-one years old, Gia Kumari finally leaves the Delhi orphanage where...

    SKU: 22457
    £ 8.40 (RRP: £ 9.99 )You Save 16% on RRP

    The last time Maeve saw her cousin was the night she escaped the cult they were raised in. For the past two decades, Maeve has worked hard to build a normal life in New York City, where she keeps everything - and everyone - at a safe distance. Whe...

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    £ 10.40 (RRP: £ 11.99 )You Save 14% on RRP

    Cursed with love by his step-mother, Culhwch (Pig Boy) is condemned to love and marry Olwen, the daughter of the Hawthorn Giant-pitiless, violent and huge. So begins the quest-first to the court of King Arthur to wins support for the quest. In thi...

    SKU: 22455
    £ 12.40 (RRP: £ 16.99 )You Save 28% on RRP

    In a world of forbidden magic and cunning royals, a fugitive queen bargains with her kingdom's greatest enemy and is soon embroiled in a deadly game that could resurrect her scorched kingdom, or leave it in ashes forever. A stunning enemies-to-lov...

    SKU: 22348
    £ 8.80 (RRP: £ 9.99 )You Save 12% on RRP

    For fans of Yellowface by Rebecca F Kuang, Disorientation is an uproarious and big-hearted satire - alive with sharp edges, immense warmth, and a cast of unforgettable characters - that asks: who gets to tell our stories? Ingrid Yang is despera...

    SKU: 22266
    £ 16.50 (RRP: £ 18.99 )You Save 14% on RRP

    Rome 1611. A jewel-bright place of change, with sumptuous new palaces and lavish wealth on display. A city where women are seen but not heard.

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    Ever since she can remember, Meg has wanted to be a professional cook. But it's 1964, and in restaurant kitchens all over England it is still a man's world. Then she gets a call from her mother who is running a small hotel in Dorset. There's an im...

    SKU: SKU21919
    £ 11.20 (RRP: £ 14.99 )You Save 26% on RRP

    Scandals, seduction and secrets... and one woman's quest to uncover the truth. The most intriguing historical romance of 2023. Perfect for fans of Bridgerton. Wallflower Lady Mary Montagu Douglas Scott has a secret. Moving effortlessly unnoticed a...

    SKU: SKU21961
    £ 11.20 (RRP: £ 14.99 )You Save 26% on RRP

    July 1981. As the country prepares to celebrate Prince Charles' wedding to Lady Diana, Libby wants to be as far away from royal wedding fever as possible. Having caught her own fiance in bed with her best friend just weeks before they were due to ...

    SKU: SKU21962
    £ 11.20 (RRP: £ 14.99 )You Save 26% on RRP

    Two exes. One pact. Could this holiday change everything? Harriet and Wyn are the perfect couple - they go together like bread and butter, gin and tonic, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Every year, they take a holiday from their lives to drink far...

    SKU: SKU22045
    £ 10.70 (RRP: £ 12.99 )You Save 18% on RRP

    It is the 4th of May, two days before the coronation of King Charles III and the world's favourite spy has his work cut out for him. Bond is sent at the last minute to thwart an attempt to disrupt the Coronation by the wealthy, eccentric and self-...

    SKU: SKU22080
    £ 12.40 (RRP: £ 16.99 )You Save 28% on RRP

    Meet Jacob - aka Sparrow - a boy slave in a brothel in the Spanish city of New Carthage in the last years of pagan Rome. Raised in a brothel at the edge of a dying empire, a boy of no known origin creates his own identity. He is Sparrow, who sings...

    SKU: SKU22083
    £ 11.30 (RRP: £ 12.99 )You Save 14% on RRP

    Published: 6 Jun 2023 Juana, a seventeen-year-old mother, is sentenced to prison for murdering her husband. She claims she's innocent-but no one believes her, including the prison staff and a gang leader in her block who torments her. Undocumented...

    SKU: SKU22087
    £ 16.50 (RRP: £ 22.00 )You Save 25% on RRP

    A wildly ambitious story of the making of a colossal, star-studded, multimillion-dollar superhero action film, and the humble comic book that inspired it all. Spanning 80 years of a changing America and culminating in the opening of the film, we m...

    SKU: SKU22116
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    She's his opposite in every way ... and the greatest temptation he's ever known. Reserved, controlled, and proper to a fault, Kai Young has neither the time nor inclination for chaos - and Isabella, with her purple hair and inappropriate jokes, is...

    SKU: SKU22121
    £ 8.60 (RRP: £ 9.99 )You Save 14% on RRP

    If sex is a truth-teller, Eve-a young, queer woman in Brooklyn-is looking for answers. On an evening when she is feeling particularly impulsive, she posts some nude photos of herself online. This is how Eve meets Olivia, and through Olivia, the ch...

    SKU: SKU22127
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    Pericles is more than a hero. He's the leader of Athens. The empire's beacon of light. But even during times of peace, the threat of Sparta - Athens's legendary rival - looms large on the horizon. When a sudden catastrophe brings Sparta to its kne...

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