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    Tarot Decks

    £ 17.00 (RRP: £ 21.99 )You Save 23% on RRP

    Explore tarot's innate spirituality and psychology with this 78-card deck featuring uniquely therapeutic card interpretations and vivid reimagining of traditional tarot artwork. Adapted from author Jessica Dore's previous book Tarot for Change, th...

    SKU: 23101
    £ 31.50 (RRP: £ 36.00 )You Save 13% on RRP

    Fly into the wild heart of tarot with witches, their familiars, and iconic figures from Celtic history and legend. This haunting deck thrums with the power of deities, animals, plants, and the elements all of them eager to aid your practice. Julia...

    SKU: 22946
    £ 19.50 (RRP: £ 22.99 )You Save 16% on RRP

    Take a journey of self-discovery through the collective unconscious with this archetypal tarot deck from Marcella Kroll. With this kaleidoscopic reworking of the traditional tarot, intuitive and artist Marcella Kroll takes its 78 cards down to the...

    SKU: 22945
    £ 13.20 (RRP: £ 14.99 )You Save 12% on RRP

    Inside the luxurious flip-top presentation box you'll find 81 perfectly weighted and intricately designed cards along with a booklet of interpretations so that you can get started with your first reading straight away. Tarot uses a symbolic langua...

    SKU: 22944
    £ 17.20 (RRP: £ 20.00 )You Save 14% on RRP

    The Moon has a potent influence on our everyday lives. Embrace her power by tapping into your lunar intuition with this beautifully illustrated 78-card tarot deck and guidebook. Jayne Wallace has entwined the ancient magic of the Tarot with the mo...

    SKU: 22658
    £ 17.50 (RRP: £ 20.00 )You Save 13% on RRP

    Wise Cat Tarot is a 78-card deck and guide that taps into formidable feline energy to enhance the wisdom and insights of the major and minor arcana with all the perspicacity and philosophy of felis catus, and is sure to appeal to tarot aficionados...

    SKU: 22657
    £ 17.00 (RRP: £ 21.98 )You Save 23% on RRP

    From the creator of the Crow Tarot, a richly illustrated 78-card tarot deck and guidebook set in a magical realm where dark and light collide, where mermaids swim, and where the elements rule at a fairy court. Hidden deep in the forest where shado...

    SKU: 22656
    £ 25.00 (RRP: £ 30.00 )You Save 17% on RRP

    Based on the online tarot deck that has uplifted and enlightened millions of people since its launch in 2017, this is the one and only official physical Moon Dust Tarot Deck. Connect with your spirit on a higher level, commune with the wisdom of t...

    SKU: 22655
    £ 17.70 (RRP: £ 19.99 )You Save 12% on RRP

    This gorgeous Tarot deck is designed for the truly modern reader. Clarity reveals the heart of the traditional imagery, stripped of monarchical hierarchy, binarism and ageism, to allow any reader, beginner or expert, to access new visions, reflect...

    SKU: SKU22055
    £ 26.50 (RRP: £ 29.99 )You Save 12% on RRP

    Discover a new approach to tarot with this folk-tale inspired deluxe boxed book-and-card set from tarot expert Melinda Lee Holm and lavishly illustrated by Rohan Daniel Eason. Folk tales have brought us invaluable lessons on life for thousands of ...

    SKU: SKU22057
    £ 19.00 (RRP: £ 21.99 )You Save 14% on RRP

    Published: 11 Jul 2023 In this animation-inspired, animal-themed 78-card tarot deck, the traditional archetypes are reimagined and embodied as furry, scaled, or feathered characters, each one offering whimsical wisdom and introspective insight. Ea...

    SKU: SKU22184
    £ 15.99 (RRP: £ 20.00 )You Save 21% on RRP

    Tap into humanity's inner knowledge at a spiritual and primal level with The Mythic Goddess Tarot, a beautiful 78-card deck inspired by the world's most revered heavenly beings. With this stunning tarot deck and book, The Mythic Goddess Tarot, you...

    SKU: 21612
    £ 17.20 (RRP: £ 20.00 )You Save 14% on RRP

    This dynamic, potent deck will empower you to navigate the universe, take charge of your life and manifest your ideal future. What are you waiting for? The Crystal Magic Tarot deck and guidebook expands the traditional use of tarot beyond future p...

    SKU: 21611
    £ 16.90 (RRP: £ 18.99 )You Save 12% on RRP

    Rebel Heart Tarot is a vibrant and revealing mirror into your life. These powerful cards dare you to honour your spiritual path by choosing to explore the magnificence of your personal unknown. The 78 cards in this deck are a gateway to unveiling the

    SKU: 21608
    £ 19.20 (RRP: £ 21.99 )You Save 13% on RRP

    From bats to bees to elephants to elk, discover powerful animal spirit energy to guide you through the darkest, toughest times and discover the light. This tarot deck is an invitation to find beauty wherever you are on your path and to remember that

    SKU: 21075
    £ 19.99 (RRP: £ 22.99 )You Save 14% on RRP

    Let the rich world of Tamriel guide your tarot practice with this sumptuous, illustrated deck inspired by the massively popular Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Featuring deluxe custom artwork of iconic figures in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, this deck is a g...

    SKU: 21074
    £ 19.99 (RRP: £ 22.99 )You Save 14% on RRP

    Let vampires, werewolves, and other frights guide your tarot practice with this beautifully haunting tarot deck, featuring illustrations inspired by classic horror monsters. Add an element of horror to your tarot experience with this spooky and un...

    SKU: 21073
    £ 21.50 (RRP: £ 25.00 )You Save 14% on RRP

    Create your own unique tarot deck and discover the secrets of the past, present and future with Colour Your Tarot. Using tarot cards is a time-honoured practice of foreseeing what is to come, as well as interpreting past and current events. Colouring

    SKU: 21072
    £ 14.90 (RRP: £ 16.99 )You Save 13% on RRP

    Celebrate the magic of your body and tap into the wisdom of your subconscious with this lavish anatomical-themed 72-card tarot deck and guidebook. Your body is a universe in microcosm. Great galaxies of microbes and shooting stars of neural signal...

    SKU: 20636
    £ 12.90 (RRP: £ 14.99 )You Save 14% on RRP

    Craving more moments of intentional creative clarity and fun? These inspiring prompt cards are a joyful reminder to slow down, be mindful and embrace the random beauty and synchronicity in the everyday. Portable, interactive, multi-purpose, calmin...

    SKU: 19992
    £ 17.00 (RRP: £ 20.00 )You Save 15% on RRP

    Delve into the universe and gain insight and wisdom from above in The Moon and Stars Tarot, a lavish, unique 78-card deck inspired by the constellations, lunar cycles, planets and night sky. Unravel the messages and guidance sent to you from above...

    SKU: 19959
    £ 18.00 (RRP: £ 21.99 )You Save 19% on RRP

    Draw on the protection of your guardian angels and reveal their messages with this easy-to-use, elegantly illustrated tarot deck from internationally bestselling author Radleigh Valentine. Guardian angels are messengers from the Divine whose entir...

    SKU: 19957
    £ 21.50 (RRP: £ 25.00 )You Save 14% on RRP

    This deck has a very simple yet crucial aim: to help you discover what matters most to you and allow you to live unconditionally according to those values, applying them to your work, relationships, mental health and everyday life. Think of your h...

    SKU: 19954
    £ 31.00 (RRP: £ 35.00 )You Save 12% on RRP

    This lovely deck is unique in the elegance of its linework combined with the richness of its symbolism and iconography. Author and artist Nigel Jackson developed the Rose Tarot based on his unparalleled expertise in the Hermeticists of the 17th ce...

    SKU: 19363