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    Banks on Sentence is the definitive sentencing guide. It is used by judges, barristers and solicitors for sentencing hearings in the Magistrates' Court, Crown Court, Courts Martial and the Court of Appeal.

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    Between the countless works of art in the world and numerous laws on their care, the task of deciphering correct procedure can seem daunting. In Art Law: A Concise Guide for Artists, Curators, and Museum Professionals, Michael E. Jones breaks down...

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    Comprehensive and reliable, Blackstone's Handbook for Policing Students 2024 is the ideal companion for the multitude of avenues into policing now open to future police officers, from pre-join degree courses, degree holder entry and degree apprent...

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    Crimes against children are some of the most serious, demanding investigations that the police and their partner agencies can be involved with. It is an extremely specialized crime area, constantly evolving with updated guidance, legislation, and ...

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    The SRA Standards and Regulations is essential reading for all solicitors to ensure that they are complying with the rules set down by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Many of the standards and regulations have been updated since the last edit...

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    The notion that children constitute an important group of rights holders has gained increasing acceptance both domestically and internationally. Nevertheless, this rhetorical commitment to children's rights is not necessarily realised in practice....

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    This new edition sets out an account of EU law that includes not only that law's established features, but captures its development in recent years and the challenges facing the European Union. With dedicated new chapters on climate change, data p...

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    The second edition of this groundbreaking book looks at the key debates and issues in media law, a fast-developing area of scholarship that raises many high-profile and controversial questions. Recent issues include the privacy rights of public fi...

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    The 2nd edition of Green and Gardner’s Tort Law textbook provides students with a clear overview of tort law with focus and precision. It includes clear explanations of core legal principles and recent legal developments with lively discussions of...

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    Your gateway to criminal law: drawing on the exceptional clarity and authority of Smith and Hogan, with a wealth of unique supportive learning features and guidance on assessment. Smith, Hogan, & Ormerod's Essentials of Criminal Law takes students...

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    An unrivalled collection, placing key judgments and expert commentary at your fingertips. Family Law: Text, Cases, and Materials presents everything the undergraduate student needs in one volume. The authors offer a detailed and authoritative expo...

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    The number one best-selling legal skills guide, covering all the practical and academic skills a student needs throughout their studies. Legal Skills is the essential text for students new to law, helping them make the transition from secondary ed...

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    Presents a broad, multi-disciplinary approach to social media, offering practical techniques, tools, and skills to students across communication, public relations, journalism, marketing, advertising, and media departments.

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    Trusted by students and lecturers for over thirty years, Steiner & Woods EU Law is the most comprehensive black letter guide to the subject, leading the reader through the subject in a straightforward way. The book includes a well-balanced range o...

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    The complete guide to EU competition law, combining key primary sources with expert author commentary. The most comprehensive resource for students on EU competition law; extracts from key cases, academic works, and legislation are paired with inc...

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    Landlord and tenant is one of the most important areas of land law that all students must understand thoroughly. This manual is designed to give trainee solicitors a clear and complete understanding of practice in this field. It will familiarize t...

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    This book examines the complex policies that inform and guide modern intellectual property law at the domestic (including Scottish), European, and international levels, giving the reader a true insight into the discipline and possible future devel...

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    Modern Land Law is one of the most current and reliable textbooks available on land law today, offering a lively and thought-provoking account of a subject that remains at the heart of our legal system. Providing an accessible approach to a comple...

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    Conveyancing is designed for trainee solicitors studying applied land law on the Professional Practice Course in Ireland and will also be of benefit to practitioners. The manual offers complete coverage of all the knowledge needed when practising ...

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    Successfully combines black letter law with a socio-legal approach making it highly accessible for non-law students who need to know the essentials. Updates in the new edition cover: post-Grenfell legislation, modern methods of construction, new f...

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    * References hundreds of cases and civil liability suits against police and corrections agencies, including the latest U.S. Supreme Court decisions * Documents recent trends in litigation and financial penalties, including research findings * Incl...

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    While there are plenty of land law textbooks on the market, there is, in general, an absence of critical texts designed for law students to deepen their understanding of the subject. Great Debates in Land Law provides students with the contextual ...

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    This textbook offers comprehensive coverage of the Equality Act 2010 and deals also with the equality aspects of the Human Rights Act 1998 and European Convention on Human Rights. It encourages critical analysis of equality law to equip the reader...

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    Offering the most thought-provoking introduction to EU law. Written in a highly readable narrative style, the book provides students with a succinct yet sophisticated analysis of the core aspects of the subject, while also equipping them with the ...

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